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January 12, 2011

No. 10

ThreadSence published a winter lookbook video that is so cute! I love the music and the style. I think this is a great way to put out a lookbook.

January 10, 2011

No. 9

I was trolling the fashion blogs (like always) and happened upon these pictures of Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage. Since it’s snowing and cold outside MY window right now, this was a welcome burst of sunshine! Isn’t the scenery gorgeous?? And of course Nicole is stunning, too. I especially love how she coordinated her rings and nail polish. Read her full post with more photos here.

Photos from here.

January 10, 2011

No. 8

Marchesa SS11

Marchesa SS11

Marchesa dresses make my heart stop beating and my breath catch in my throat. They are so beautiful and intricate and unique. As an intern at Harper’s Bazaar, I unpacked a box one afternoon and pulled out the most GORGEOUS white beaded Marchesa wedding-esque dress. It was for a shoot with Kate Hudson for the January 2010 spread styled by Rachel Zoe. I distinctly remember the magical feeling as I held that dress up to my chest and imagined getting to wear something so special, even if just for a few moments.

Well, I had that same feeling when I looked at the Spring/Summer 2011 collection on All the dresses were magnificent. But my favorites were the black and white options and the nude options. Dresses fit for a crazy stylish fairytale princess!

Kate Hudon in Marchesa for Harper's Bazaar: Jan 2010

Photos from and here.

January 7, 2011

No. 7

Like many many people, I love reading The Sartorialist. Blogger Scott Schuman travels the world capturing photos of creative people and their fashionable ensembles. He gives readers an alternate opinion of style – one that focuses on real people in their daily lives, not professionally styled models in fashion mags. His blog is art to me, and it’s a secret dream of mine to one day be photographed by him. Although I think I have a long way to go before my style is evolved enough to be worthy of that honor!

This short documentary by Intel Visual Life gives a fascinating glimpse at the man behind the lens. I have to say, I love him and his blog more than ever now. Also, I want his glasses!


January 7, 2011

No. 6

Fabulous Floral from Erdem SS11

Full disclosure – I’m head over heels in love with Erdem’s floral dresses for Spring/Summer 2011. This probably won’t be the last time to hear me talk about them. Somehow he manages to make fussy floral prints look so very modern and chic. Can’t you just imagine sashaying down the street in one of these dresses? I call the red and white maxi!

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January 5, 2011

No. 5

Wrist Warmers!

Tie Dye Scarf


Full Outfit - Awkward Pose

I’ve had these gray wrist warmers (or arm warmers, if you prefer) for a couple years, and have never actually worn them outside of the house. Today, I decided that there is no time like the present! This decision was pushed along by the frigid temps in Milwaukee right now. (I really need to move somewhere warm. I say it every winter, but I’m serious this year.)

I like them, but I wish my wrist warmers were longer and had a chunkier knit. The scarf is a tie-dye sarong that my parents gave me for my birthday, and the yellow jacket is thrifted Bloomingdale’s. The jacket is actually MUCH brighter in real life, so it makes me feels cheery when I wear it.

Side note – it feels super awkward to take pictures of myself for this blog.. Kudos to the fashion bloggers out there who put up self-portraits every single day! Extra kudos to those who take the pics in public places – as you can see, my backdrop is my incredibly girly bedroom.


January 4, 2011

No. 4

Lace Looks from Temperley London and Erdem SS11

I wear lots of black. I’m always drawn to destroyed black denim and black leather with fringe and/or studs – basically anything that would look at home on the back of a Harley or backstage at a rock concert. To be honest, I’m getting kinda bored with my style.

So these white/nude lace looks from the Spring/Summer 2011 collections for Temperley London (left two) and Erdem (right two) were a much-needed breath of fresh air. How awesome are these looks? I love the Erdem dresses because they are so ladylike and sophisticated. And Temperley London managed to make nude lace look badass! I’m even digging Temperley London’s brown leather and lucite heels.

What do you think about nude lace looks? Would you go for it?

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January 3, 2011

No. 3

Joanna's Wardrobe Diaries from

Last fall, I had the great pleasure of interning in the fashion department at Harper’s Bazaar. While there, I was constantly inspired by the incredible style of the senior market editor, Joanna Hillman. Joanna’s style is so fresh and fun. She’s such an innovative editor and stylist, and I was always impressed by the looks she pulled together!

So, I was really excited to see that profiled a month’s worth of Joanna’s outfits on “Joanna’s Wardrobe Diaries: 30 Days of Style”. Check it out yourself for some winter outfit inspiration!

Photo from here.

January 2, 2011

No. 2

Screenshot of

I recently stumbled upon this AWESOME online boutique during my fashion blog wanderings. And guess what! The founder isĀ  a Milwaukee native, like me! (So it’s really no wonder that the store totally rocks.)

Check out

January 2, 2011

No. 1

Happy New Year! I’m only making one resolution this year, but it’s a big one. I resolve to blog.. Every. Single. Day.

I’ve recently become addicted to BlogLovin’, and as a result, have come to love some really great blogs – DirtyHairHalo, A Pair and a Spare, and HonestlyWTF being three of them. So I figured, why not give this blogging thing a try myself?

I’ll post about stuff that catches my interest- whether it’s fashion, music, art, style, food, travel, DIY or other blogs. I can’t promise it’ll be witty, or even coherent, but I can promise that it will be all me.

So here’s to 2011, and 365 posts!

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