No. 5

Wrist Warmers!

Tie Dye Scarf


Full Outfit - Awkward Pose

I’ve had these gray wrist warmers (or arm warmers, if you prefer) for a couple years, and have never actually worn them outside of the house. Today, I decided that there is no time like the present! This decision was pushed along by the frigid temps in Milwaukee right now. (I really need to move somewhere warm. I say it every winter, but I’m serious this year.)

I like them, but I wish my wrist warmers were longer and had a chunkier knit. The scarf is a tie-dye sarong that my parents gave me for my birthday, and the yellow jacket is thrifted Bloomingdale’s. The jacket is actually MUCH brighter in real life, so it makes me feels cheery when I wear it.

Side note – it feels super awkward to take pictures of myself for this blog.. Kudos to the fashion bloggers out there who put up self-portraits every single day! Extra kudos to those who take the pics in public places – as you can see, my backdrop is my incredibly girly bedroom.



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